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Workshops & Training in Neigong & Clinical Qigong

Workshops, Classes, Retreats, Certification & Individual Instruction in the Healing, Awareness, & Self-Awakening Arts of China. These Arts include Stillness-Movement Neigong (Qigong, Chi Kung), Gift of the Tao Movement Neigong, Clinical Qigong (Wai Qi Liao Fa - Healing with External Energy), and Chinese Taoist Medicine - Neuro-Energetic Chi Kung Bodywork.

NEW! 2016 Stillness-Movement Workshop Register

NEW! DISTANCE CLASS!!! September 11th  - October 2nd                                               

Sundays for 4 consecutive weeks. Qi projection while Sitting or Standing in Stillness-Movement for about an hour then forum Questions/Lessons to be answered afterwards. Exact time will be announced. If you can’t adjust your Sunday to our schedule WHATEVER IT IS then don’t register and don’t email asking what time it will be! This will be sent out AFTER you have registered. It really doesn’t matter if your time zone syncs or not as we are dealing with no-time quantum level.

November 15th-20th Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Join us for this Chi Kung INTENSIVE at a beautiful Hilton Head Island resort.

Students can register for only the Saturday and Sunday workshop, or add each day separately. For example, register for Sat,Sun and add on Friday, or add on other days. No one can register for the Tuesday-Friday unless they also register for the Saturday and Sunday.

We have special pricing for those that register for the full workshop.

Registration, pricing, and complete details can be found HERE.

* Teacher Michael Lomax’s book:

A Light Warrior’s Guide to High Level Energy Healing

* DVD’s: QigongAmerica Store

Gift of the Tao I, Gift of the Tao II, Sequential Energy Center Activation, Balancing & Dimensional Expansion,

Introduction to Chinese Taoist Medicine Neuro-Energetic Chi Kung Bodywork

Interview with Teacher Michael Lomax on Secrets of the Qigong Masters

“When I’m done with one session of Gift of the Tao I always have this feeling that this is what Qigong is supposed to feel like, but I never had that feeling with ANY other Qigong system that I practiced.”

“Having practiced a handful of qigong systems over 18 years, the Gift of the Tao system has induced in me the most profound experiences of any system I have tried.”

 Student Quotes

Michael Lomax is an experienced and internationally acclaimed Teacher of unique & powerful Neigong & Medical Qigong methods which come direct from the hospitals and clinics of China as well as from his 35 plus years of clinical & teaching experience. He has trained Qigong Masters & Clinical Qigong practitioners all over the world and currently has a student base that includes students from most countries of the world. Click for blog…

Independent Reviews of Stillness-Movement & Gift of the Tao workshops

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