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Workshops & Training in Neigong & Clinical Qigong

Workshops, Classes, Retreats, Certification & Individual Instruction in the Healing, Awareness, & Self-Awakening Arts of China. These Arts include Stillness-Movement Neigong (Qigong, Chi Kung), Gift of the Tao Movement Neigong, Clinical Qigong (Wai Qi Liao Fa - Healing with External Energy), and Chinese Taoist Medicine - Chinese Neuro-Energetic Chi Kung Bodywork.

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July 6,7,8,9  Terre Haute, Indiana

  Anyone attending this workshop must register for Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Thursday is Certification Clinical and attendance is required for certification students, Friday-Saturday is Stillness-Movement, Sunday is Clinical Applications. When registering, be sure to choose both 2-day Workshop & Clinical Applications day as for this workshop clinical applications is not optional.

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* Teacher Michael Lomax’s book:

A Light Warrior’s Guide to High Level Energy Healing

* DVD’s: QigongAmerica Store

Gift of the Tao I, Gift of the Tao II, Sequential Energy Center Activation, Balancing & Dimensional Expansion,

Introduction to Chinese Taoist Medicine Neuro-Energetic Chi Kung Bodywork

Interview with Teacher Michael Lomax on Secrets of the Qigong Masters

“When I’m done with one session of Gift of the Tao I always have this feeling that this is what Qigong is supposed to feel like, but I never had that feeling with ANY other Qigong system that I practiced.”

“Having practiced a handful of qigong systems over 18 years, the Gift of the Tao system has induced in me the most profound experiences of any system I have tried.”

 Student Quotes

Michael Lomax is an experienced and internationally acclaimed Teacher of unique & powerful Neigong & Medical Qigong methods which come direct from the hospitals and clinics of China as well as from his 35 plus years of clinical & teaching experience. He has trained Qigong Masters & Clinical Qigong practitioners all over the world and currently has a student base that includes students from most countries of the world. Click for blog…

Independent Reviews of Stillness-Movement & Gift of the Tao workshops

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